"Christina is helping me with my adrenal insufficiency and autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashi's). She certainly cares and is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, lifestyle factors, and physiology to promote healing. She made me regain hope that I could find good health again. I didn't remember what it felt like to feel good, but just after working with Christina for a couple months, I have reduced my medication and hope to completely resolve my autoimmune disease in the near future. She is extremely responsive and I can sense that she wants me to feel better as much as I do!"


"Christina has helped me lose 10 kilos by just changing my diet and using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake. She knows her s*#t and is not afraid to give tough love. I also appreciated that if she didn't know something, she found the answer by asking another experienced practitioner diligently researching clinical studies. She gave me guidance on what to say to my doc and recommended lab tests which revealed that I had SIBO, intestinal permeability, and inflammation going on. I didn't want to use antibiotics to get rid of SIBO so she proposed an herbal treatment protocol. I am now SIBO-free, but gut healing will take some time. Patience is not a virtue of mine, but that's another way that Christina has helped...after years of damage to my gut, I can't expect it to heal in a month. Call her, you won't regret it...you may actually regret it if you don't."


“After an extremely stressful period in my life, I noticed the physical impact on my body because of the stress. I enlisted The Healing Menu to help me recover. THM is currently guiding my healing, and I can attest that I have been treated with respect, curiosity, and understanding. THM has helped me identify the triggers of physiological symptoms, and developed an action plan for how to address them. I feel better than I have felt in several years. Christina (the owner) has worked with me throughout the process. She helped me select a functional medicine MD to work with and she has been collaborating with the MD on my treatment plan. My life is better because of THM. Christiana is educated and highly knowledgable in all aspects of nutrition and its effects. I think the fact after receiving her Juris Doctor, she decided to pursue functional nutrition is indicative of her true passion on the topic. I highly recommend working with The Healing Menu.”