Steps in Your Healing Journey


The healing journey is rarely a linear path; you will encounter many branch points, frolics, and detours along the way. But you're not alone! I'll be your healing companion until you reach your final destination of OPTIMAL HEALTH! You’ll take the following steps, however, since we are all beautifully unique, you will have a distinct and personalized journey.

Photo by  Ashim D’Silva

Tell your story!

You’ll have the opportunity to tell your story by completing a detailed intake form. Every detail counts as the more I know about you, the more we can efficiently and successfully progress to optimizing your health.

I will review the intake forms and prepare for our consultation. This allows us to use every precious second we have together to develop your health plan. Even if you choose not to work with me, you will walk away with a salubrious arsenal to start your healing journey elsewhere.


Photo by Ashim D'Silve

Photo by Ashim D'Silve

Healing journey begins: We meet!

Curiosity is much appreciated so ask questions, no matter how trivial, complex, or embarrassing as they may seem. We'll use our time together to craft a personalized health plan. We will discuss how food can heal (ahem, “healing menu”) and the importance of lifestyle modifications to help you achieve your goal. We will also work with your practitioner to order blood work and other tests that will help elucidate any nutrient deficiencies, metabolic disturbances, gut dysbiosis, infections, etc.

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Healing journey continues

We will review test results and discuss your progress, catering, and editing your health plan accordingly. Remember, keep asking questions and know that you are empowered to make healthy deserve to feel great!


Healing Journey Destination: Optimal health

My goal is very never see you again.

But I mean it in the kindest way. By the time you've reached optimal health, you will have learned and experienced what your body, mind, and soul require to feel nourished and in consummate health. In essence, you won't need me anymore and I’m ok with that ;)